Solar Panels can be a very valuable asset to your home or business. Here at CableRite Electrical we pride ourselves in offering you what we believe is the best solar power systems on the market at the most competitive prices.

our expert Solar Power technicians’ allow us to provide you with stress-free Solar Repairs and Services that you need.

Cablerite Electrical Solar Repairs and Services will get your solar system installed or repaired to ensure it’s running at its best.

If there is a larger or more serious issue with your solar power system where repairs or replacement needs to be undertaken, you may be covered by your home and content insurance policy. Contact our Customer Care Solar power specialists for guidance or to request a report on your home solar system or office solar system.

Our qualified solar designers and installers are able to custom design your grid connected and battery solar power systems to maximise your benefit. 
We are able to advise you on numerous ways to reduce and in some cases eliminate your electricity bill. Our solar panels are the perfect energy solution accompanied with the right inverter.


If you are considering installing solar power on your home or business we would ask that you give us the opportunity to give you a no obligation quote and discuss whether or not we believe solar panels would be a good option for your roof.

Save money and energy with our solar panels today!

Our Services

- Electrical installation and repair

- Solar Power

- Air Conditioning

- Hybrid Solar

- Off Grid Solar

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Solar Clean Energy Council: A3434278
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We provide our Electrical, Air conditioning and Solar Power services  to North Brisbane and South Brisbane Residents as well as Bayside Residents

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