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Our licensed electricians can help install a wide range of residential interior lighting as well as exterior lighting. We have years of experience when it comes to designing residential interior lighting solutions, for new and established homes alike.


If you're looking for lighting electricians in Brisbane, call CableRite today and find out more about our range of residential exterior lighting solutions to help light up your home and surrounds. 

Interior lighting is important to complement the look of your home. We have a range of products to help you achieve the right look when it comes to interior lighting. From downlights and pendant lights we can help install all manner of residential interior lighting to help you get the right look while being energy efficient and cost effective.


We pride ourselves on our friendly service and would be happy to sit down with you to discuss our range of options for residential interior or exterior lighting. We can help you light up your pool, garden or tennis court as well as install a range of security lighting.

We understand the need for energy efficient lighting that also looks good.


Our range of Interior and exterior lighting solutions will definitely tick all the right boxes. We offer a large range of other services as well to compliment our interior and exterior lighting.

Our Services

- Electrical installation and repair

- Solar Power

- Air Conditioning

- Hybrid Solar

- Off Grid Solar

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Licence numbers

ABN: 12 605 303 035


Contractor Licence: 79708
Air Conditioning Licence: AU39099
Refrigerant Handling Licence: L100924
Solar Clean Energy Council: A3434278
Phone, Data and endorsements: T44598


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We provide our Electrical, Air conditioning and Solar Power services  to North Brisbane and South Brisbane Residents as well as Bayside Residents

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