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Meterbox Installation and Repairs

At Cablerite Electrical, our job is to provide outstanding electrical services for residential and commercial customers across Brisbane. As part of that commitment, we have become Brisbane's leading experts in meter box repair and meter box installation services. Our electrical contractors will make sure you have the appropriate and most efficient supply of electricity to meet your residential or business needs by installing the latest in meter boxes.

Why would you need a meter box repair?  They do need to be replaced or repaired from time to time, especially if the meter box is not up-to-code. In Brisbane the electrical meters are sometimes checked and replaced when a remodeling or new addition occurs, or when an electrical inspection deems the meter box to be unsafe or non compliant. Another reason to undertake a meter box repair is upon sale or purchase of a property.

Either way, the electrician from Cablerite Electrical has the tools and equipment ready to go. You can call us to talk about a meter box installation or repair, and we will take a look, and provide you with an obligation free estimate to do the job. We can guarantee that your meter box upgrade will be done right and that our electricians will give you prompt attention and a competitive price.

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