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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning in Brisbane

Solar Panel Cleaning By Qualified Solar Installers

Solar Power can be a very valuable asset to your home or business. Here at CableRite Electrical we offer Solar Panel Cleaning using specialist equipment. To ensure your investment lasts well into the future, while at the same time producing the highest output and putting money back in your pocket.


One of the things that sets us apart from most of the others is that we are actually qualified to work on these systems and as such are professionals in this area. Not only can we clean and test the system, we are also one of the leading solar power installers in Brisbane. We are qualified to repair, design, install and replace components. 


Our qualified Solar Cleaning Equipment is operated onsite by a Qualified Electrician with CEC accreditation.


If you are considering a company to clean and maintain your Solar Power system on your home or business we would ask that you give us the opportunity to show you first hand how it should be done.

Image of our solar panel cleaning service in Brisbane
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